How to Beat The Bookies At Their Own Game!

The prevalence of bookie promotions has paved the way for a new betting method. Or a new method for Australians.

It’s called ‘Matched Betting’ and it started in the United Kingdom when the online bookmaker market became increasingly competitive and bookmakers tried to increase their active client list by offering promotions.

Why Does This Opportunity Exist?

Beat the bookies

Bookmakers like the TAB, BetEasy and Ladbrokes offer free bets as incentives for new and loyal customers. They don’t do this out of the kindness of their hearts. They do it to lure people in to get them to sign up and gamble with them rather than a competing bookmaker site.

Beat the bookies

In the past you may have seen these offers advertised on the internet or TV. A typical offer is to deposit $100 when signing up to a Bookmaker and they will give you a $100 bonus bet.

Here in Australia there are over 15 Bookmakers with these Sign-Up Offers. Meaning it’s possible to get thousands of dollars worth of bonus bets.

If you learn how to matched bet with these promotions it’s possible to gain a significant edge over the bookmakers, beating them at their own game

This is not Gambling

Beat the bookies

Although matched betting involves placing bets. It is not gambling.

Unlike gambling, you are not relying on guessing the correct outcome of an event to make a profit. You place bets on every possible outcome to ensure you get the same amount of money back regardless of the outcome. Because you are using free bets from the bookmaker if you follow the steps outlined you come up ahead.

When you are making money from all these welcome bonuses you will not be relying on chance or risking any of your own money.

How it Works

Beat the bookies

‘Matched betting’ literally is matching bets to cancel out the risk, you bet for and against the same outcome to occur.

No matter the result of the game, one of your bets will win, and the other will lose.

Beat the bookies

So If we were to bet $100 on Australia to win a game of cricket. We would also bet $100 on them not to win.

By placing a bet on them to win and on them to not win means that no matter if Australian win, lose or the game ends in a draw then we won’t win any money but more importantly we won’t lose any either.

If we were to do the same thing but with a free bet then you would be making a profit.

This is Lucrative

Beat the bookies
Beat the bookies

Each offer takes a maximum of 30 minutes to complete that means you could be making $150 an hour. And, all winnings are completely tax-free.

The profit doesn’t end with these Sign-Up offers. Bookmakers continuously offer bonuses to existing customers to encourage people to keep using their sites. This means matched betting is the perfect way for you to make money month after month.

Getting Started

Beat the bookies

All you need is access to a computer and the internet with a basic knowledge of matched betting, and you are well on your way to earning yourself a generous hourly rate.

We are here to help you every step of the way.

We’ve broken the process down into straightforward instructions so no matter your knowledge of betting you are able to take advantage of this opportunity.