Are Bookmaker Signup Bonuses Still Available?

Learn how you can still make money online from Matched Betting in 2019 with Bonus Money’s guide to the bookmaker sign-up incentive ban

How Much Can I Make?

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What are the new restrictions on bonuses?

The Australian Governments National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering has recently implemented measures designed to reduce problem gambling online. The new national framework means a set of standard minimum protections must be adhered to by all online wagering providers. There are 10 measures being implemented to protect consumers. You can read all of the measures here. Of particular interest to Matched Bettors is measure number 4 – ‘Restrictions on inducements’

“Online wagering providers will be prohibited from offering any credit, voucher, reward, or other benefit as an incentive to open an account or to refer another person to open an account. This measure is designed to protect consumers from incentive-based marketing and strengthen standards for direct marketing. It also includes preventing turnover requirements to withdrawing winnings from complementary betting credits or tokens.”

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a simple technique to enable you to take bookmaker promotions and turn them into cash in your pocket. ‘Matched betting’ literally is matching bets to cancel out the risk, you bet for and against the same outcome to occur. No matter the result of the game, one of your bets will win, and the other will lose.

Step 1. Get a bonus after depositing for the first time with a bookmaker

Step 2. Find a bet with the bookmaker where the odds closely match the lay on odds on Betfair. As the stake is not returned with your bonus you will gain a greater return with selections that have higher odds.

Bonus Bets Banned?

Step 3. Place your back bet with the bonus at the bookmaker

Step 4. Place your lay bet with Betfair ensuring that you get an equal return regardless of the outcome

Step 5. BOOM you’ve converted your bonus into cash no matter what happens in the game

Can I still get bonuses?

Bonus Bets Banned?

With the new laws implemented bookmakers have ceased to advertise on either their own or affiliated sites. You’ll no longer see promises of a deposit bonus just for joining up.

However, bookmakers know just how lucrative a new customer is so while these incentives are no longer explicitly advertised reports from Bonus Money Pro members suggest that they have simply replaced a sign-up bonus with a ‘welcome bonus’.

The bookmaker now welcomes you for joining and offers to match your deposit up to a certain point e.g deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus. These welcome bonuses can be exploited for profit in the exact same way as described above.

A Positive Step

Bonus Bets Banned?

While the advertising of bookmaker sign-ups has disappeared the opportunity to profit from joining bookies and exploiting their welcome promotions via matched betting is still very much available

In fact, one positive step is that because of this legislation bookmakers are no longer allowed to require their customers to turn over their winnings from bonus bets before withdrawing. This means that as soon as you have profited from your bonus bet you can withdraw your winnings regardless of whether the bet wins at the bookies or Betfair.

Matched Betting is still a huge opportunity for anyone to simply turn a profit from Bookmaker Promotions. Bonus Money is here to help you every step of the way to ensure you can take advantage of this opportunity.

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