Boom Mail Gold

What is the Boom Mail Gold service?

With our Boom Mail Gold service, we will provide you with a matched betting expert who will show you the exact steps you need to take to become a successful matched bettor. 

The aim of the Boom Mail Gold service is to show you how you can make $500 matched betting.

Your expert will select bets for you to place. These bets will allow you to take the best advantage of the opportunities currently available to you. Your experts have over 35 years combined matched betting experience. If you use the Boom Mail Gold service you are bound to be successful.

The Boom Mail Gold service is a one-off fee of $99 which allows our expert to continue to work with you until we’ve helped you to make $500.

What do you get for your $99

  • Assigned a matched betting expert who will create a personalised plan for you to be successful.
  • Bets selected for you and easily presented so all you have to do is log in and place the bets.
  • Your profit tracked for you so you can watch your profits grow.
  • Support from your expert every step of the way. No stupid questions and all questions answered.
  • Money-back guarantee if we can’t make you $500 we will refund our full fee.

You can start making money matched betting today. To take advantage of this service you will need a minimum starting bankroll of $500. This will allow you to place money into bookmakers and Betfair and convert the bonuses given in to cash profits.