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Offer 1 – Lock It In

Ladbrokes – Double Your Winnings if your team wins by 24 points or more! Place a head to head bet and if your team wins by 24 points or more, we will double your Winnings up to $100! (Paid as a bonus bet)

Sat 20 Jul : 14:10 Carlton v Gold Coast

LadbrokesCarlton to win$5001.22
BetfairGold Coast to win$119.735.2
BetfairGold Coast +31.5$37.271.9

Possible Outcomes

Carlton win by 32+ –$47 + $100 bonus = +$23
Carlton win by exactly 24 to 31 points+$23 +$100 bonus = +$93
Any other result+$23

Offer 2 – A Fair Shout

Sat 20 Jul : 19:35 North Qld v South Sydney

TopBetta – Place a head to head bet on the Rabbitohs to win and they score the first try but go on to lose the game you’ll get your money back in bonus bets up to $100

TopBettaBack South Sydney$1001.65
BetfairLay South Sydney$97.061.74

Possible Outcomes

North Qld win and South Sydney score the first try-$7.68 + $100 bonus = $62.32
Any other result-$7.68

If the odds change you can update how much to lay using this calculator

Offer 3 – The Big Boom

Sat 20 Jul : 16:35 GWS v Collingwood

Sportsbet – Your bet will be paid out in full up to a $250 stake if your team is winning by 12 points or more at any break (quarter time, half time or three-quarter time) regardless of the final result.

SportsbetBack GWS$2501.95
BetfairLay GWS$248.091.99

Possible Outcomes

GWS lead by 12pts at any quarter and lose$479.39
Any other result-$8.11

If the odds change you can update how much to lay using this calculator

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