Advantage Play or ‘laying’ your bets – Which is best?

Over the next 8 weeks we’ve teamed up with Rod our ‘Advantage Play’ expert to bring you a daily boom mail each and every day that takes advantage of the bookies promotions.

The team at Bonus Money will also show you how these bets can be laid on Betfair to minimise your risk.

Why are we doing this challenge?

Advantage play is talked about in the community. By doing this challenge we can show you the risks and benefits of Advantage Play vs fully laying your bets. Please note our general advice for anyone that is just starting out matched betting is to fully lay and get your bets matched. Matched betting is one of the easiest ways to build a bankroll and if you are matching out all your bets this bankroll can be increased for very little risk. This is best done by first completing any welcome bonuses that you receive. So prior to doing any ongoing promotions please register with all bookies and take advantage of any generous welcome promotions.

In years gone by in matched betting, it was possible to hammer every single promotion a bookmaker offered for a decent period of time. Currently with increased taxes aimed at the bookies and a much greater number of people matched betting the books are getting much quicker to ‘Gub’ people and tell them they no longer have access to promotions.

One potential way to maximise value from these promotions is to be selective and that’s where our successful ‘Advantage Player’ Rod comes in. He’ll only be selecting bets that he believes offer great value by choosing the selection combined with the promotion. This is potentially a more sustainable profitable method. Also for those time-poor whether AP or laying this can be a quick way to get some value each day.

We’ll be releasing these bets at 10.30 am each day.

Team AP or Team Lay?

Team Advantage Play

Profit to Date


Who are these bets suited for?
Advantage Play bets are more suited to those who are more risk-tolerant. We genuinely recommend a bankroll of $5000 to ensure losing swings can be tolerated. If you are looking to learn how to profit from multis then there will undoubtedly be a few that pop up over the 8 weeks.

Benefits of Advantage Play
– Less funds are tied up as only placing one side of the bet
– Takes less time to place bets
– More Expected Value by not paying commission

Disadvantages of Advantage Play
– A much higher variance strategy. It’s possible to lose several bets in a row and gain 0 bonuses.

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Team Lay Matched Betting

Profit to Date


Who are these bets suited for?
For matched bettors who want to ensure there are low risks and high potential rewards. We would always recommend first completing any welcome bonuses available before taking part in these bets. But by following these bets each day you can gain great value in just a few minutes.

Benefits of ‘Laying’ – Matched Betting
– Very low risk as qualifying losses are small
– Steady bank roll increases

Disadvantages of Laying’ – Matched Betting
– Some offers can not be layed such as Same Game Multis so some offers and value is missed

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Our Advantage Play Expert

“I’ve been a professional punter for 5 years making my profit exclusively from promotions. Unlike matched bettors, who make their money laying promotions on Betfair, I analyse the value in promotions and back them outright (no laying).

I’ve run a successful subscription service the past 4 years providing members with the best value promotions to bet on. In that time, members have won 47 out of 50 months and netted over $100,000 in profits over 16,744 bets at 14.3% profit-on-turnover.

Not all promotions are created equal and while many promotions provide good value, some are poor and will lose you money. I use advanced mathematics and proprietary spreadsheets to analyse the value in every promotion and send members just the very best value promotions to bet on. That not only improves your bang for buck with increased profits for your time and no Betfair commission but increases your longevity by not betting on every promotion but just the best ones.

A subset of the bets provided to members (the best value promotions on offer) have netted over $20,000 in profits over 1394 bets at a whopping 41.4% profit-on-turnover. You will gain access to these highly profitable bets.

I look forward to showing you how profitable this approach can be.”

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