There’s over $2700 in EV as of midday Friday showing on the offer calendar!

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Get involved as much as you can!

What’s Ahead

Horse Racing

Big weekend of action with the Everest and Caulfield Cup. The bookies throw out plenty of promotions throughout the weekend to get your wagering dollars. Take them to the cleaners for what you can. Friday afternoon at Taree courtesy of Ladbrokes and Neds.

The Weekend Ahead 18th - 20th October

Miss Valbonne looks like the likely candidate to play for both of these promotions. Ensure you check the Matcha in the run-up to the race.

For the Ladbrokes promo, you can lock in a risk-free profit by using our Double Winnings calculator. The current odds for the calculator are in this link. Use in conjunction with the Matcha to maximise the opportunity. The Ladbrokes offer is available for the first 4 races.

Onto Pakenham Friday evening where there are a fair few 2nd/3rd refund promos as well as Ladbrokes continuing the double winnings offer.

The Weekend Ahead 18th - 20th October

The standout race for me for Friday is the 1st at Pakenham, as there are only 5 horses running.

The Weekend Ahead 18th - 20th October

Onto Saturday…

A massive day of action. One big tip I’ll give is to use your Bonus Bets on the Everest of Caulfield Cup. There’s plenty of liquidity in the markets and you’ll reduce your effective commission. You can read more about the benefits here.

Pointsbet’s promo for the Everest is decent too. It’s in our Boom Mail today!

Plenty of other offers to get involved with. TAB’s exclusive venue offer is fantastic! You can spoof your GPS location to make TAB believe you’re sat in one of their venues. When in reality, you’re sat at your computer with the Matcha in front of you. Check out this thread in the forum to see how. Any questions, fire away.

Pointsbet still going good by offering 2nd, 3rd and 4th place refunds, don’t forget to smash them!

Boosts! Take full advantage of them, most of the bookies are offering them now, and they’re a fantastic way of mopping up EV. See the guide here to get you up to speed.


The Weekend Ahead 18th - 20th October

Plenty going on at Wentworth Park tonight!

Bet 365 is around for 5 races, which is the most appealing of the offers with the exception of Ladbrokes offering for the 5th.

Place a fixed win bet and get a matched Bonus Bet if your dog wins! Max bonus paid $100

Strategy here –

  • Find a close Back and Lay
  • Ladbrokes Stake = $100/(Ladbrokes Odds – 1)
  • Back on Ladbrokes with stake as calculated above
  • Lay on Betfair as per the Matched Betting Calculator
  • Hope your Dog wins so you get a nice profit after turning over a $100 bonus bet!

Other than Bet 365 and Ladbrokes, there’s Neds, Sportsbet and Tab all with promotions to take advantage of.

Matched Betting on the Greyhounds can be difficult, it’s a skill. If you’re new to matched betting, we strongly recommend you to give these a miss until you’ve mastered backing and laying horse racing offers.

Rugby Union

Not too many offers, but worth a mention. be the last time for the Aussies to get a matched bet on their team this tournament 😉

The Weekend Ahead 18th - 20th October

The Weekend Ahead 18th - 20th October


The EPL is back this weekend after the international break. Which means the Multi sluts can get some more bets on.

Have a look here to see how to take full advantage of Multis.

The big clash of the weekend is Man Utd v Liverpool. Have a look at the live dutching calculator to see what you can pick apart.

The Weekend Ahead 18th - 20th October

The interesting offer for the Soccer this week is from TabTouch.

Place a Correct Score bet and if your selection is successful, receive a 50% bonus on your winnings up to $100. 

Strategy Here –

  • Find a close Back and Lay for the correct score market.
  • TabTouch Stake = $200/(TabTouch Odds – 1)
  • Back on TabTouch with stake as calculated above
  • Lay on Betfair as per the Matched Betting Calculator
  • If your correct score bet wins with TabTouch, your profit will be $100 – qual cost as per the Matched Betting Calculator
  • Any other score your loss will be as per the matched betting calculator.

It’s best to wait until 1 hour before kick-off to look for your bets. This is when team line-ups are announced and the markets staking making moves, which is where you can find the best back/lay opportunities.

Other Action

NBL and NFL just about cover the rest of the action. Where there are some lovely promotions to get on too.

The TAB and TabTouch offers for the NFL take the cake for the best of the rest.

The Weekend Ahead 18th - 20th October

Boom Mail

The Boom Mail has already gone out for the weekend where we have focused on some offerings

The Community

Good luck to all those taking on the offers today. If you need a hand with any of the above feel free to reach out for help via live chat, messenger or in the community.

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