Matched Betting Community

While we post every offer in the offer calendar our active forums are where a lot of the magic happens.

We have the largest and most active group of matched bettors in our Bonus Money Pro forum where a lot intelligent discussion goes on regarding the various offer available. It's your chance to learn from the best.

Bonus Money Free Facebook Forum

Bonus Money offers a free Facebook group where you can learn about matched betting and ask any questions.

You can access the free matched betting Facebook group here

BM Pro's Facebook Forum

The Bonus Money Pro serivce uses a secret Facebook group as our forum.

Once you have registered a Bonus Money Pro Account To join the group, you will need to add us as a friend. Add us here

Once you have done that, we will accept your friend request and then add you to our private community.

Forum Rules

We are all here to do one thing, to take value from the bookmakers and turn into profit.

What we encourage you to do is;

What we don’t encourage on the forums

Other things we would like