Coronavirus Matched Betting

With the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic currently being felt worldwide we wanted to share our thoughts on how this is impacting matched betting.

So this short article will cover which sports you can matched bet on currently, what this means for bookmakers, whether your funds are safe and what opportunities are there currently to make a profit matched betting

What Sports Can I Bet On Currently?

Obviously with matched betting we need to have something to bet on to turn over bonuses gained and the Pandemic has seen the likes of AFL, NRL, NBA, EPL, A League and virtually all major sporting codes either postponed or cancelled.

Events change pretty quickly at the moment and while horse racing, harness racing and greyhounds are currently still going ahead behind closed doors we are seeing many meetings fall when suspected cases of Coronavirus among participants occur.

Coronavirus Matched Betting
Betting on the weather?

It’s meant things that we would normally avoid betting on are suddenly prominently presented on bookmakers websites. Whether that’s Russian Basketball, Table Tennis, ESports or the Weather!

What Does This Mean For Bookmakers?

This can’t be a fun time for the corporates. The bookmakers profits come from margins on bets and with little sport to bet on their turnover will be considerably down.

While they are looking to increase turnover we expect them to continue to do so in their usual way – by offering promotions.  The opportunity for matched bettors comes when we can take advantage of a promotion. Backing and laying on the Betfair exchange at little outlay, or dutching an event across multiple bookmakers, for the potential of gaining a bonus that can then be turned into a profit.

Bookmakers are pushing these types of promotions as much as normal, as they need it to keep their revenue ticking over. They are quite often increasing the number of bonus races or offering on tracks or sports that they wouldn’t commonly do so.

Coronavirus Matched Betting

What opportunities are there currently?

Matched betting has long been a great way to earn a side income. Even with less sport on it’s still possible to take advantage of the bookmaker promotions.  In this different climate our advice remains the same as it always has been:

1 – Complete all welcome bonuses

If you’re new to matched betting we would recommend completing any welcome bonuses that bookmakers often send after you have registered with them. If you need a hand getting started please check out our detailed matched betting guide here but also feel free to  reach out to us via the facebook communities, email or live chat. We would love to help. 

2 – Learn how to matched bet the horse racing

With little sport on it’s important to ensure you can comfortably matched bet on horse racing. This is where the majority of continuing promotions are occurring – most of them have not changed, but are just extended to race meets outside the normal.

Our guide to horse racing promotions is here

3 – Take advantage of Esports offers

One of the great things of matched betting is you need no knowledge of the sport you are betting on to gain an edge. We’ll be publishing a guide for how to take advantage of Esports offers for our pro members. So if you’re looking for an extra edge look no further. 

Coronavirus Matched Betting

We hope you all stay healthy and happy.

Further Profits

Coronavirus Matched Betting

These offers reflect just a small fraction of the opportunities available to matched bettors.

As well as match odds offers our Pro members are able to take advantage of offers on multis, horse racing and all other sports.

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