3 Reasons Daily Plays Suck for Matched Betting

Many matched betting services encourage their members to sign up with them by offering a daily play that people can follow to make money. On the surface, this may seem like a great idea. You take out any skill and simply follow the bets they suggest.

Our members are pro’s at this and make more money than any other service out there for a good reason. We don’t tell our members the exact bets to place in the form of daily plays as there are major concerns we have with doing that.

Read below 3 of the many reasons why daily plays suck


Quick promotion bans

If a play gets released and its to a community of any size its very easy for bookmakers to see a pattern as all people jump on bets at the same time. This will lead to quicker promotion bans. and less profit or you.

Ever wondered why you and friends all received promotion bans the same day? That’s because they’ve linked you as waiting or the daily play

3 Reasons Daily Plays Suck for Matched Betting

Some inferior services then suggest avoiding doing this to up the level of mug betting you do. This comes from their complete lack of understanding of expected value.

You will get banned from bookies promotions quicker


You are missing out on profit

So maybe you think to avoid promotion bans you can be smart. If you wait so not to get lumped in with other members of the communities then the odds may have changed by the time you get your bets on.

Matched Bettors are making profit as by using the promotions we have a small % edge over the bookies. Taking the best odds from each bookie when playing multiple promotions is important to maximise this edge.

If the odds have moved against you which is the most likely scenario from taking daily plays then you are losing profit.

3 Reasons Daily Plays Suck for Matched Betting

Although these odds shift might seem small you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of profit over a year


Daily Plays don’t work long term
The truth is with matched betting you will eventually get gubbed at some bookmakers. You can take this as a small badge of honour as frustrating as it is. The bookies have realised that you are not a profitable customer to them. A site listing a daily play will say “look our plays have made $xx” not accounting for the fact that long-term it’s not possible to achieve that, the problem further exacerbated by following their plays leading to quicker bans.

And here lies the next problem. The daily play suggested only works if you have all bookmaker accounts open

3 Reasons Daily Plays Suck for Matched Betting

If you are banned from receiving promotions at any bookmaker then following daily plays does not account for this. You will then need to recalculate yourself a way to play the promos. With no help or guidance with this you can easily make mistakes and be playing the promos in a way where It is confusing and you could lose money.

A better alternative to a daily play

Sometimes starting our matched betting can be daunting.
The Bonus Money guide to matched betting teaches you all you need to know when you are taking your first steps
We also offer guidance and support for anyone who is unsure how to begin
At Bonus Money we don’t lay out daily plays but for the AFL/NRL/NBA/NBL/EPL/A League/BIG BASH and NFL we have dutching calculators that pull the current odds from bookmakers so that at any time you can go in and see the current odds and the cheapest way to qualify for all the promotions. You can select which bookmakers are available to you in the settings so that only these bets appear.
For horse racing promotions we have our extension ‘Matcha’ that makes it easy to find the best way to play the promotions.
We will teach you how to profit from sign up bonuses, if bets, early payout offers, multis and much more

Learn the techniques that can be applied to all +EV promotions

Avoid promotion bans

Gain extra profit

It is definitely achievable to make upwards of $2k profit a month matched betting from ongoing promotions, this does require roughly spending 10+ hours a week taking part in as many promotions as possible. You could choose to spend less time and only take part in the lucrative promotions.
One of the perks of being in the Bonus Money service is both us as founders and the community as a whole is the largest and most experienced so if you’re keen to learn to make the most money I’d suggest we are the community for that.

In Conclusion

Following daily plays is a terrible idea if you want to make larger long term profits matched betting

What sets us apart

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