Learn how to matched bet with these guides. Matched betting is pretty simple, it's a case of understanding the process and then taking action!   Below you will find relevant guides and information for each step of the journey.

1. Learn Matched Betting and complete your first offer

If you’ve not previously done any matched betting then you can use the interactive guides in this section to confidently complete your first matched bet.

Matched Betting Guide

The ultimate beginners guide to matched betting.

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Before you Start

How to set yourself up for success before you start your journey.

Get Set Up Right


Terms that you will come across when Matched Betting or using the Forums.

Learn the Terms


The most frequently asked questions about matched betting


2. Complete all available sign up bonuses

Once you’ve completed your first matched bet then set up accounts with all the bookies listed on Bonus Money. The aim here is to build your bank roll up to $3-5k bank dependent on which state you are based. (you’ll find state information by clicking on each bookie) This is simply a case of repeating the process you learnt in step 1 for every available bookmaker.

In this section you will also learn about methods of recording your profit as well as making use of the community.

Maximising Bonuses

The guide to getting the largest signup bonuses from each of the bookmakers

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Bookies Cheat Sheet

Easily find the standard turnover requirements and conditions for any bookie.

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Recording your Profits

How to keep track of the profits you are making

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Get help getting the largest bonuses from the community

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Bookie Info

Different bookies have varying sign up bonuses, that also vary state to state.  We've laid out the info for each of them.

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3. Ongoing Promotions

Once you’ve completed all the sign-up bonuses it’s time to move on to ongoing promotions. It is achievable to earn in excess of $1500+ per month by playing all the ongoing promotions.

In this section you will learn about the various ongoing promotions available and how to take advantage of them. You’ll also learn about all our key tools and how to use them to make money.

For long-term success, resist the urge to withdraw profits until you reach the $20k goal. Reason being that MONEY MAKES MONEY so the larger float you have the more quickly you can make money. As the bank grows larger, the percentage of profit from it will decrease. If you want to make the big profits you need to build that bank. As your bank grows, you’ll be able to play more offers.


Ongoing Promotions

The guide to making money from ongoing promotions.

Make More Money

Offer Calendar

How to set use the offer calendar to ensure you never miss a valuable promotion.

Calendar Guide


Making the most of the best matched betting community in Australia.

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Matched Betting Calc

How to use the matched betting calculator.

Calculator Guide

Dutching Calculator

How to use the dutching calculator to play multiple offers against each other.

Dutching Guide


Learn how to use the finest horse racing matching software.

Get Set Up Right

OddsMatcher Guide

Learn how to use the odds matcher to quickly find turnover or suitable bets for bonuses.

OddsMatcher Guide

Expected Value

Learn the basics about expected value and why it’s important for your profits.

Learn About EV

If Bet Promos

How to take advantage of the most common ongoing promotions offered by the bookies

Guide to 'If Bets'

Horse Racing Promotions

How to take advantage of the many horse racing promotions available each week

Horse Promos Guide


Learn how to profit from bonuses available from multis.

Guides for Multis

Bet Boosts

Learn about the various bet boosts available from bookies and how to profit from them.

Bet Boosts Guide

Keeping Accounts Alive

Tactics for prolonging the life of your account. How to use your accounts once the bans come.

Gubbings Guide

Why Daily Plays Suck

Reasons why you shouldn't be following daily plays for matched betting

Why Daily Plays Suck

Advantage Play

A look at the benefits and downsides of advantage play

AP Guide

Neds Backup

The Neds Backup can net you in excess of $100 EV if you find the right selections.

Here's a guide and calc to work out the EV

Neds Backup