7 Steps to Make $1000 per Month Matched Betting


Matched Betting is probably the easiest method currently available that anybody can use to make money online.

This guide will show you the skills you need to make over $1000 per month.

Step 1 - Understand Matched Betting

Matched betting is the process of taking advantage of promotions offered by bookmakers and turning them into profit.

‘Matched betting’ literally is matching bets to cancel out the risk. Using a simple mathematical equation, you bet for and against the same outcome to occur. No matter the result of the game, one of your bets will win, and the other will lose.

We have a beginners guide that will teach you everything you need to know you can read the Matched Betting Intro Guide Here

Step 2 - Build your Bankroll

To be averaging $1000 profit per month, you need to have built up a substantial bank roll so you can take part in all the offers.

Ideally, you want a bank of at least $3000.

Now matched betting is very low risk but there are a couple of things you can do to increase your bankroll

One is to complete all sign-up bonuses available from the bookies. This will allow you to make between $1500 and $4500 depending on what State you are from

Another way to build your bankroll is to take part in any “No Risk” bets available that guarantee you will profit


You don’t need to have $3000 to get started it just makes it easier to take part in all of the promotions at all the bookies

Step 3 - Understand how to back and lay promotions

Bookies offer ongoing promotions on a wide variety of sports

With Matched betting, we back an outcome with the bookmaker that allows us to potentially qualify for a bonus

We then lay the bet on Betfair to minimize our risk.

This usually results in a small qualifying loss with the chance of gaining a bonusWe work out the maths for you, to tell you which offers the bookies have that are worth playing they are all displayed in our offer calendar

Step 4 - Turn Bonuses into profit

Place a few qualifying bets and you will quickly end up with some bonuses

It’s turning these bonuses into cash that makes you a profit

You should always be able to turn the bonus into cash risk free by matched betting

As a general rule, you want to convert your bonuses at a minimum of 70%

This means that a $100 bonus bet would become $70 of risk-free cash

You can search for close matches between the bookies and Betfair or use our odds matching software to quickly find you a bet

Step 5 - Learn to dutch promotions

Many events have more than one promotion on them from the various bookies

If the promotions are on the same market then you can ‘dutch’ the promotions. This is basically just combining your bets to gain an equal qualifying loss to gain more bonuses

We have software that quickly calculates for you the cheapest way to dutch promotions

Step 6 - Learn to profit from horse racing promotions

Horse Racing promotions are fantastic for generating consistently good profits. They become the bread and butter for matched bettors.

This require a higher degree of skill, so you need to be very comfortable will placing back/lay bets

We make profiting from the horse racing promotions simple.

If you can understand a traffic light you can quickly learn which bets will make you money

Step 7 - Learn to profit from Multis

A more advanced method and one that requires a larger bank to deal with the swings. A relatively low-risk matched betting technique that will add plenty of value.

We would recommend a bankroll of at least $10,000 before participating

Bonus Step - Bet Boosts

So that’s the 7 steps but it’s possible to make far in excess of $100 per month
An advanced strategy for those that have built up a healthy bankroll by following the above steps.

You can participate in Bet Boosts every single day of the week with various bookmakers.

You can obtain in excess of $150 a day on average by taking advantage of Bet Boosts.





In a survey of Bonus Money Pro members in January 2019 - 56% of those who responded said they were making in excess of $1000 per month.

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