Crownbet AFL Offer - Double your winnings

Crownbet are running their fantastic promotion for AFL again this weekend.

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Here’s the details of the CrownBet Promotion

‘Place a Head to Head bet on Round 10 AFL matches and if your team win, we'll double your winnings in cash up to the first $25 of your stake.

  • Applies to your first Head to Head bet placed on each Round 10 AFL match.
  • Bets over $25 will only be eligible to receive double winnings on winnings payable up to the first $25 of stake. Your stake will not be doubled, only your winnings.
  • Place a Head to Head bet on AFL Round 10 matches.
  • If your team win the match, we'll pay out your winnings x2 for up to $25 of your total stake.
  • Example A ($25 Stake) - $25 stake @ 2.00 odds = $50 return + $25 in Bonus Winnings.
  • Example B ($100 Stake) - $100 stake @ 2.00 odds = $200 return + $25 in Bonus Winnings. ($25 of total stake applicable only).
  • Bonus winnings will be added as a separate cash adjustment to your account within 24hrs.’

The technique that will make you guaranteed profit from this offer

Matched Betting is a simple technique that allows you to make profit regardless of the outcome of the game. We at Bonus Money take people from absolute beginners to mastering the most advanced techniques in matched betting to gain profit week in, week out.

To take advantage of this deal you will need

  • An account with the betting exchange Betfair
  • A Crownbet account
  • A minimum of $350 to be able to place all the back and lay bets.

If you are new to matched betting and don't yet have accounts at Crownbet or Betfair you can make even more profit from following our intro to matched betting guide and taking advantage of all the sign up bonuses on offer.

This promotion has better value in backing the outsider to win on Crownbet. This is because the amount of bonus you get is much greater than if you were to back a favourite. If you have any questions regarding this free free to ask in our community.

Here are the 5 steps to profit

  1. Calculate the odds that Crownbet are effectively giving you on the outsider winning
  2. Find the lay odds on Betfair
  3. Enter the back and lay odds in to the matched betting calculator
  4. Place your back and lay bets
  5. Profit

Step 1 - Calculate the promotional odds on the outsider

Crownbet are going to double your winnings should your selection win.

Lets look at an example. These are the odds for the Pies v Dogs game on Crownbet correct as of 2pm Tues 22nd May

As mentioned above for this promotion there is always higher value on betting on the outsider so choose the team with the highest odds in this case Bulldogs at 3.00

Western Bulldogs odds are 3.00

If you were to bet $25 on them you would return $25 multiplied by 3 = $75

This is your $25 stake back and $50 profit.

Crownbet will double your winnings of the first $25 you stake if your team wins

So if your profit was double you would get your $25 stake back and $100 profit instead of $50

This makes the effective odds you are gaining from using this promotion 5.00.


To work out what the effective odds are when you double your stake use this formula

(Crownbet Back Odds - 1) * 2 + 1

Step 2 - Find the lay odds on Betfair

To ensure you profit regardless whatever team wins you will need to do so you will need to lay your selection on Betfair.

If you are unsure about how to use Betfair please read out matched betting basics guide

If you are comfortable laying bets on Betfair jump to the AFL market here

These are the lay odds for the Western Bulldogs in the Pies v Dogs game on Betfair correct as of 2pm Tues 22nd May

Step 3 - Enter the back and lay odds in to the calculator

Remember, only $25 of your back stake with Crownbet counts towards the promotion. So you don’t place any more than $25 with Crownbet.

Enter the stake as $25

Enter the odds that you would get from Crownbet taking in to account of the promotion in our example this would be 5.0

Enter the lay odds that are available on Betair in our example this would be 3.2

It’s important to note that the commission that you pay into Betfair for any winnings on AFL Markets is 2.5%. So change the commission rate in the calc to 2.5%

If you enter those numbers above you should see that:

You will need a balance of $86.61 in your Betfair account to cover the Liability of this bet

Whilst you are investing $101.61 into placing these two bets you are guaranteeing yourself a profit of $13.39.

That’s an ROI of 13.18%

At odds of 2.1 you should lay $48.70
If your back bet winsYou win $420You lose $365.71You win $54.29You lose $54.29
If your back bet losesYou lose $0 (as this was a bonus bet)You win $57.14You win $54.29You lose $54.29
Note that your liability on Betfair will be $365.71. You need that amount in your Betfair account to cover the lay bet.

Underlay Limit

Overlay Limit

Adjusted Lay Stake


Reset to Balanced Lay of $

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Step 4 - Place your Back Bets at Crown and your Lay Bets at Betfair

Remember, only $25 of your back stake with Crownbet counts towards the promotion. So you don’t place any more than $25 with Crownbet.

Enter the lay stake at Betfair as directed by the lay amount according to the calculator.

If you were using the above example the lay stake would be $39.37

Step 5 - Profit and repeat

Not bad at all, and you can repeat this process for all 8 games this weekend. Which will return you a guaranteed profit of over $100.

Remember - this promotion favours placing your bets on the outsiders in each game.

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