Dep & Get Offers

Dep and Get sign-up offers are deals where bonuses are applied by the bookmakers after you have deposited a certain amount with them. The Bonus Bet will be matched with the amount which you choose to deposit up to their stated amount.

For example;

The Crownbet sign up bonus you will receive $600 in bonus bets if your first deposit is $400.

Always ensure that you read the terms and conditions of the offer. Check the minimum odds requirements of the offer and the wagering requirements.

Dep & Get Offers

Bonus Bets

Plenty of the Bookmakers enable you to break down your Bonus bet balance into small chunks. Be sure to check if you can do so first.

  1. Find a match between the bookmaker and Betfair. Make sure that the odds are at least $5. The higher the odds that we use for the bonus bet, generally the more you will make. This does require more money in Betfair to cover the liability though.
  2. Open the back/lay calculator, choose ‘bonus bet stake not returned’
  3. Enter the bonus bet amount.
  4. Place the bonus bet with the bookmaker. Make sure that you have selected the bonus bet option in the bookmakers betslip.
  5. Place the lay bet with Betfair.


Qualifying Bets

Once you have turned over your bonus bet balance, you’ll need to turnover your initial deposit and any winnings incured from the bonus bets. so that you can move onto the next sign-up. Be sure to check with the appropriate bookmaker as to what that turnover requirement may be.

  1. Find a match between the bookmaker and Betfair. You want to make a minimal loss on the qualifying bet for the offer. So find a match with a retention of at least 95% or above.
  2. Open the back/lay calculator, choose ‘qualifier’ as bet type
  3. Enter the bookmaker back odds
  4. Enter the Betfair lay odds.
  5. Place the back bet with the bookmaker
  6. Place the lay bet with Betfair.

Once you have turned over your bonus bet winnings and your deposit. You are able to withdraw and move onto the next bookmaker.