Horse Racing Offers

Horse Racing refund offers are great for our long-term profits. They are available every Saturday. When there is a big festival, bookmakers are more competitive and therefore offer more promotions. There are several different types of offers to be taking advantage of. The most common one is receiving a bonus bet equal to your stake should your horse finish second or third.

What Horse Racing Promotions are currently on offer

What we do is look for a close match between the bookmaker odds and the Betfair lay odds. We recommend that you never make more than a $5 qualifying loss. For best results, you’ll want to be searching for close matches within 10 minutes of the race start time. This is when most the money is traded. It also tends to be easier on races with fewer runners and short-priced favourites.

When looking for a horse to match, the sweet spot to gain the most EV from the offers is around $2.90. You will still gain plenty of value on selections that aren’t this exact amount, but the more you are in range, the higher the EV tends to be. Once you’ve successfully obtained a few bonuses using this method, feel free to attempt the fields with higher odds.

Once you have qualified for a bonus bet, you can use any race to find a good bet to turn your bonus into cash using the Matcha. The odds in the market do move quick, so once you have placed you back bet with the Bookmaker, make sure you place your lay bet as quick as you can. You can copy the required lay stake amount from the Matcha by clicking the coloured information below your selected Horse. Then when placing your Lay on Betfair you can paste straight into the Lay stake.