Keeping your accounts alive for longer

Keeping your accounts alive for longer

It’s been discussed many a time and it is a natural part of matched betting. Your accounts will at some stage be promotion banned. There isn’t a proven science as to how to avoid promotion bans, but we’ve come up with some ways to delay the inevitable.

Mug Bets

One of the common strategies that people try to implement is to place mug bets. Don’t waste your time placing any -ev bets. It’s a waste of profit and a huge waste of time.

Arbitrage Bets

Don’t place any arbitrage bets. Only do so once you have received a promotion ban. Bookmakers are cottoned on to arbers. It’s very easy for them to easily watch their prices against the exchanges. As easy as it is to lump a load on quick easy arb, you’ll make much more hitting them for their bonuses first.

Time of Bet Placement

Get your bets on as close to the event start time as you can. The traders at the bookies work out how much value you are taking from them by seeing how much you beat the SP by. If you plough in on a horse with odds of $9 and it runs at $5 then you risk being booted. Place your bets around 1 minute before the event starts, then it’s difficult to beat the SP.

When using bonus bets, try to avoid mid-week horse races. The bookies don’t like punters taking value bets, especially with their own money. It’s fine to do on a Saturday afternoon or a big meet. As easy as it can be to get close matches using bonus bets during the week on the nags, there’s no need to attract unnecessary attention.

Close Matches

Furthermore, getting very close matches with bonus bets can be risky altogether. I would personally sacrifice a little profit by taking a little more of a hit on retention. If you can place your bonus bets on the same sports in which you have obtained as appose to lumping it on a correct score market on a soccer game in Iceland, that will attract less attention also.


Placing your bonus bets on multis is a fantastic way of keeping under the radar. It’s certainly a little more time consuming to do so. The benefit here is that you can bet on the popular match markets AFL, NRL etc and often keep a higher retention of your bonus bet. Try combining the odds matcher and the multi calculator in the files tab to see how much you can retain from your bonus bets.

None of the above is set in stone by any means. This is an informed opinion after years of matched betting and certainly not facts. Please feel free to disagree with any of the above or share some of your own strategies to delay the wrath of Mr big bad book. Likewise, any questions fire away.

Keep milking them.

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