Is Matched Betting time-consuming?

Bonus Money is Australia’s Number 1 Matched Betting service. You can quickly learn to make profits with our free guides, tools and software.

To learn how to matched bet confidently should only take an hour or two. It is natural when you are first starting out to want to check and recheck your bets. As you become more proficient, you will find that searching for the correct bet to place and placing the bets takes less than a minute.

It’s feasible when starting out to make a couple of thousand dollars from the sign-up bonus in under a month and that would involve around 10 hours of work. It takes a month as you have to wait for bets to settle so that you can withdraw your profits and move on to the next bookmaker bonus.

For ongoing promotions, you can dedicate as little or as much time as you like. The busiest days with the most promotions are when most sports games are on which tends to be the weekends. Many of our members would spend around 5 hours per week placing bets.

Bonus Money saves you hours browsing the web for valuable offers and provides calculators to make it much easier for you to profit.

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