Maximising Profits

Once you’ve done a few sign-ups, you need to get into the habit of making good retention’s on your bonuses.

For each sign-up offer that you do, ensure that you’re finding good qualifying bets.


You shouldn’t be losing anymore than 5% of the bet amount. So if you’re placing a $100 qualifying bet, your maximum loss should be around $5.00. In some cases, it’s fine to accept a higher loss when placing bets with bookmakers who are quick to pull the trigger on promotion bans such as Ladbrokes and Palmerbet.

With bonus bets, you should be looking to make at least 75% retention on the value of your bonus. So for a $100 bonus, you should be targeting a profit of at least $75.

The simplest way to do this is to be looking at higher odds when placing your bonus bets. If you placed a $100 bonus bet at odds of $7 and the lay odds are $7 you would make a profit of $82.01. If you placed a $100 bonus bet at lower odds, for example, $4 and the lay odds were $4. You would make $72.15. This may not seem like a lot at first sight, but the differences do add up. Practice does make perfect. If you get into the habit early on of ensuring that you make decent returns on your bonus bets and keep qualifying costs down. Your spreadsheets will look a lot better.

Bonus Bet Retention

Maximising Profits

As you can see on the graph to your left. You want to be selecting odds of at least $5 to be around the 80% retention point. After around odds of $12, the line tends to be more constant. This shows that you don’t need to be betting on selections with astronomical odds in order to gain maximum value from your bonus bets. For ease of use the graph assumes that the lay odds are equal to the back odds, and that there is no commission. Once you have factored the commission on Betfair (usually 5%) and the fact that its not always as that easy to find equal back lay odds, it is better to look at higher odds of $6+.