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Before you move onto placing bets on daily promotions. You should be sitting on a healthy bank from signing up to bookmakers. You should be sitting on a bank of at least $2000.

All the bank that you have built until this point is now part of your pot. You can use this money to grow the pot much larger every month. The daily promotions can be very different to the sign-up offers. It’s integral that you don’t get overwhelmed or ahead of yourself.

A lot of the offers that you will see on the Calendar and Facebook page won’t be risk-free. What this means is that you could lose a small amount doing them. However, the fact is that over time, it is virtually impossible not to profit.

Your focus will need to switch from the profit/loss made on each offer to the larger picture of positive long-term value. If you are consistently placing bets with positive expected value, it is a mathematical fact that you will make money.

The entire gambling industry is built on the fact that bookmakers have an edge over the punters. This is true, the amount that they pay out to punters is always less than the true chance of the outcome happening. What this means is that even though they may have a few heavy losses, they’ll always be up in the long term as they have built their own mathematical edge into their odds. What we’re doing by using bonuses against the bookmakers is turning that edge onto our side.

By partaking in the offers that we will be recommending, you will profit. The key is to take as many bites of the cherry as you can. The more positive expected value bets you will place, the more money you will make down the track. Some of the offers may seem daunting at first, you will need to spend some time on them to become a master. The horse racing offers, for example, are very popular. There is also some skill involved in partaking in them, although the Matcha makes this learning experience much simpler. Take our advice and participate on the forum and you’ll be profiting in no time.

Learning not to be emotionally attached to the outcome of an offer is important. Focusing on chasing the value will ensure the profits rain in. Good record keeping of your profits/loses will show you not to dwell on outcomes. Here is the link to an excellent read on biases with betting.

When you were taking advantage of your first sign up offer, it would have taken you some time to do so going through all the learning processes. However, the more of the same type of sign up offer that you did, the easier it became. The same is to be said with the ongoing promotions. You may only be placing one horse racing promotion on a single race, over time though you’ll be able to get on 5/6 possibly even more in a 10 minute period. Practice really does make perfect. A lot of our members have 2/3 screens set up on their computer. This will have a dramatic effect on productivity and profitability.

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