Place Bet Get a Free Bet

Place a bet, get a free bet’ promotions can produce +EV.  And we can guarantee profit using the same back/lay method we use for sign up bonuses.


Neds has the following offer

The terms state “This Wednesday, back a runner for the win at fixed odds at the Bendigo Cup and get your stake matched with a bonus place bet! Max bonus bet $20”

The closest match we can find between Neds and Betfair is on the horse ‘Foundry’

Neds has Foundry to win at odds off 6, the place odds being 2.5

Placing a $20 bet on Foundry in the Bendigo Cup would entitle you to a free bet on the place market which Neds kindly place automatically for you.

Neds as shown in the image above has Foundry to place at 2.5

Betfair lay odds are also 2.5

Place Bet Get a Free Bet


Place Bet Get a Free Bet

Place Bet Get a Free Bet


Place Bet Get a Free Bet

So entering the place odds above in to the matched betting calculator. (Make sure you switch to ‘stake non returned’ in the calc as it’s a bonus bet)

you can see that the profit from the bonus is $3.75

So in the qualifying bet we lose $3.75

And the free bet we make $11.56

Therefore the profit from these bets is $11.56-$3.75 = $7.81

If you were to bet on another horse the EV would be different. It’s therefore important to maximise your value by selecting the most profitable selection.

The Bonus Money Pro service offers a community where by you can get help in selecting the bets that produce the most EV.



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