Why use a Dutching Calculator?

If you use the Bonus Money dutching calculators it will be quicker and cheaper than backing and laying every bet individually.


Odds from bookmakers websites are automatically loaded into the calculators for you.


A calculation is applied so that the cheapest way to play all the offers is presented for you.

Become a more effective matched bettor

Using the Bonus Money dutching calculator is a more effective way of playing the promotions than by following our matched betting diary or any daily plays (Daily plays suck for matched betting).


There are multiple reasons for this.

1. You may not have accounts with all bookies as you may have not yet set up an account with a particular bookie yet or you may have been gubbed (banned from their promotions). If this is the case our dutching calculator can easily account for this. Daily plays you would need to recalculate manually where to place another bet to even up your returns or sacrifice EV (expected value).


2. Odds change at bookmakers on teams especially on the day of the event. This is because new knowledge about the teams and starting lineups becomes available. Also, odds change as more people bet on certain teams and the bookies want to create balanced books. If you just follow a daily play and the odds have changed you may well be throwing away many dollars on every individual bet. This can add up to thousands of lost profit over the course of a year. As the Bonus Money calculator contains current odds from bookmakers and calculates the cheapest way to combine these odds you can visit the calculator at any time.


3. You might want to stake different amounts. While many offers can easily be maxed out as the maximum bonus is capped at $50 many others have stakes that can be up to $100’s or even $1000’s.No daily play is wisely going to suggest these stakes as they wouldn’t be suitable for all members. With our calculator, you can adjust the suggested stake to your requirements.


4. You might want to stake on a different outcome. This is because there isn’t always a clear best choice on which team to bet on. The Bonus Money dutching calculator allows you to select a team to bet on and then recalculate the cheapest way to play all other offers. Daily plays are rigid and you can’t do this.


5. You might not want to bet all bets at all bookmakers. In the interest of avoiding gubbings it can be wise to only play promotions that you gain good EV from. With daily plays, you are locked into whatever is chosen for you. With our dutching calculator, you have the freedom to choose which games you play at the bookies.


6. You don’t want to get lumped in with other matched bettors. It’s fairly easy for a bookmaker to see you are a matched bettor if you follow daily plays. If you place your bets as soon as they are released and there are a considerable number of other people following the same suggested play then it increases your chances of a gubbing.

In the interest of fairness, there is one major benefit to a matched betting diary or suggested daily plays and that is for someone new to matched betting who still has access to all bookmaker accounts they are very easy to follow and can be quick to get your bets on.

For this reason, Bonus Money does offer a Matched Betting Diary for beginners to follow, we do however suggest that you learn to use a dutching calculator as quickly as possible to increase your profits.