Matched Betting, and indeed the world, is in a very interesting place at the moment. Everything from the economy, to social norms, to toilet paper supply chains have been affected. One thing hasn’t changed, though, and that’s that bookie WANT YOUR MONEY, and to do that they’ll be offering promotions.

ESports is just the first of what we expect will be a list of new and different markets and promos bookies will be using to entice us to bet .

A Bookmaker focused on Esports – Picklebet

Matched Betting Esports

We’ve noticed most people getting a welcome bonus being offered after registering at one bookie specialising at Esports. The same bookie also seem to do frequent reloads.

What’s the bonus?
We have many reports of people being offered a welcome bonus after registering, which is a matched deposit bonus up to $50 . The bonus amount only needs to be turned over once.

Where can you dutch or lay?
Most of the bookies on offer in Australia have E-Sport markets. The best odds that we have found tend to be with Bet365 or Unibet.

Unibet are still offering their 5% daily boost on any sport bet up to $100. Combining that boost with you Picklebet tends to be the option with the lowest turnover cost or higher bonus retention.

Betfair do offer E-Sport markets, but most matches have low liquidity. We suspect that in the coming weeks/months that this amount will increase. See the Betfair odds here.

Reloads Picklebet has a nice habit of offering reload bonuses. We’ve found that if you leave your account dormant, then they will send out a bonus about once a month. We speculate that this could ramp up given that there is an opportunity for them to see increased turnover.

Matched Betting Esports


Unsurprisingly, there are some ongoing promotions being pushed for e-sports now. We suspect there will be more coming. If you aren’t familiar with taking advantage of the Multi offers, then you need to read our guides here. Bear in mind that your bonus bet retention (if using e-sports) will be slightly lower than usual. We tend to find matches that are 60-65%.

Matched Betting Esports

If you fancy tuning in, you can do so through Twitch.

Matched Betting Esports

ESports is just the first of what we expect will be a list of new and different markets and promos bookies will be using to entice us to bet. Keep active in the community as we share with you the opportunities as they present themselves.

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