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Placing your first matched bet can be quite daunting.  Do you want to be doubly sure that you have placed the correct bets?  As part of your membership we offer free personal support to guide you through your first matched bet. 

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Start Here Bonus Money Free

Need some help ensuring you place your first matched bets correctly?  Our guides will have you covered but if you want that extra reassurance use the live chat facility on the site or shoot us an email at [email protected] and you can get your questions answered.

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Matched Betting Intro Guide

Start Here Bonus Money Free

Simple to understand, you will learn how to matched bet and start making money in just a few hours. The complete guide to matched betting by Bonus Money will teach you everything you need to know.

The guide is interactive and uses our odds matching software to find you suitable bets to make money from your first matched bet.

Matched betting made easy.

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Start Here Bonus Money Free

If you haven’t done already then join our community and ask any questions you have about Matched Betting among people who have already profited from it.

We post various offers and how to take best advantage of them go on. It’s a friendly group and people are always happy to help out new members so make yourself known and welcome to the group.

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Start Here Bonus Money Free

Horse racing promotions can enable you to make in excess of $1000 profit per month

Matcha is a Chrome extension made by Bonus Money that makes it much easier to find suitable bets to profit from Horse racing promotions.

Matcha can also be used to help you complete turnover requirements and convert bonus bets to cash at a quicker rate and more profitably .

Read the guide below to see how

Learn to use Matcha


Start Here Bonus Money Free

Matched betting is pretty simple, it’s a case of understanding the process and then taking action!

On the Bonus Money site you now have access to all guides that take you from being a complete beginner to taking advantage of the most complex promotions.

Below you will find  a link to relevant guides and information for each step of the journey.

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Matched Betting Calc

Start Here Bonus Money Free

Matched betting is not about gambling. It’s about placing a bet that either gives you guaranteed profit or a chance at scoring a bonus bet to profit from.

Our calculators help you to ensure that no matter what promotion you are taking part in you get the most value.

Read below our guides to using our various calculators.

Calculator Guide