Topbetta GOAT Margin Butt

Fancy a double payout on your horse racing bets? Using this simple technique could see you score some large profits with a very low risk profile.

Using our horse racing software the Matcha you can easily identify horses with odds close to Betfair. The method is simply to back and lay and then hope that your horse is beaten by less than the 'Butt' length as specified for that race.

The Offer

Topbetta's offer – "GOAT Margin Butt, TopBetta's new product that lets punters BUTT the margin on your runner in selected races."

Basically it means that if you 'Butt' your horse then if it gets beaten in to second by less than the margin of the butt (usually 0.49 lengths occasionally 0.99 lengths) then you still get paid out as a winner.

Topbetta GOAT Margin Butt

How Can I Make Money?

Step 1 – Find a race on Topbetta that offers GOAT Margin BUTT

Step 2 – Find a horse who's odds at Topbetta closely matches the 'lay odds' at Betfair using Matcha

Step 3 – Back your horse at Topbetta

Step 4 – Lay your horse on Betfair

Step 5 – Count your profit

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What is the Expected Value of this offer?

Expected Value is $14 per $100 placed on your back bet at Topbetta

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The Method In More Detail

How To Take Advantage

Useful pointers

  • Most important thing to note is to get odds as close to Betfair as possible so that your qualifying loss is minimised
  • The less horses in the race the better
  • This offer favours being on favourites as they will more likely have odds closer to Betfair as well as being more likely to just lose than other horses
  • You are more likely to hit the bonus the larger the 'Butt' length.
  • The shorter the race the more likely you are to hit the bonus

What you will need

  • Topbetta account
  • Betfair Account
  • Matcha Software

Skill Level


Risks Involved

Placing many high stake bets at Topbetta using this promotion may increase your chances of a promo ban

Terms Of The Offer

Full terms of the offer can and should be  checked on the Topbetta site here are a couple of key terms of the offer as displayed on Topbettas page Mon 4th June 2018.

GOAT Margin Butt Terms & Conditions
  • ‘Margin Butt’ options allow you to place a racing bet in which additional margin is added to the finishing position of your selected runner. This means that if your selection loses by less than the added margin your bet will be resulted as a winner.
  • Margin Butt options may be available to you on certain thoroughbred races. When you select Margin Butt, the margin available for you to place your fixed odds bet at will appear. If you wish to offer to place your bet with the added margin that appears, you must select Margin Butt to place your bet. If you do not wish to place your bet at the Bumped odds that appear, you must deselect Margin Butt.

Step 1 – Find a race on Topbetta that offers GOAT Margin BUTT

Topbetta are currently offering this on about 1 racecourse per day. On Saturdays sometime 2 tracks. You just need to look for the 'Margin Butt'  Button as shown in the image below. Any specials and offers can also be found in our Matched Betting Offer Calendar


Topbetta GOAT Margin Butt

Step 2 -Find a horse who’s odds at Topbetta closely matches the ‘lay odds’ at Betfair

The next step is to find a horse odds that closely matches the odds you can gain at Topbetta. We would recommend keeping the qualifying cost under 10%. You can do this manually but a much simpler method is to use the Matcha to find a suitable bet for you.

Step 3 – Back your horse at Topbetta

Back your selected horses at Topbetta. We would recommend always placing your back bet before placing your lay bet

Step 4 – Lay your horse on Betfair

Ensure your lay amount is exactly equal so that your qualifying cost is the same regardless of your horse winning or not. Matcha calculates this stake for you automatically and includes Betfairs commission.

Step 5 – Count profit and repeat

If your horse has come 2nd by less than the Margin Butt then its Boom Time as both your back bet at Topbetta and your lay bet at Betfair will have won.

If not you will have lost your qualifying cost amount. This offer is not going to hit in every race you take part in but if you keep your qualifying costs down then by repeatedly playing this offer you will end up ahead.

If you want more help with this offer please join in the discussion in the community or jump on live chat to get some one on one support

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