Convert bonuses using the Matcha

Matcha is a Chrome extension made by Bonus Money that makes it much easier to find suitable bets to qualify for Horse racing promotions. It can also be used to turnover any bonus bets you acquire at a high retention %. Getting you more profit from each bonus bet you have.

Step 1 – Select a race from the Matcha


Click on the Matcha and select a race from the list. The Matcha factors in the commission that you’re paying with Betfair into the calculations.

The Market Base Rate differs state by state. It’s generally easier to obtain a higher retention on races where the commission is lower. However, still very common to be getting 80%+ matches where the Market Base Rate is 10%.

Convert bonuses using the Matcha

Bonus Money Free users can use the Matcha for Sportsbet only. Bonus Money Pro users can use the offer calendar and Matcha to gain and convert bonuses on the following bookies: Crownbet, Sportsbet, Bet365, Topbetta, TabTouch, Neds, Pointsbet,, Bluebet, TAB, Ubet, Unibet and William Hill

Step 2 – Find a suitable horse to bet on


Once you have selected a race open it in the Matcha. This will open both the Sportsbet and Betfair page for that race.

Make sure you have selected in the settings to look for a Bonus Bet (SNR) as you are looking to make your risk-free profits from it. The colour bounds default setting for matches to appear green is set at 75%. If you are happy with this setting then proceed. If not, you can adjust it to what you like by opening up the settings cog by clicking on the extension.

When you have your settings ready and bookmakers selected, click open tabs.

You now wait until you see a green match.

Convert bonuses using the Matcha

You can first see the Betfair Lay price which is 14.5

The SNR Stake Amount to place at the lay price of 14.5 is $45.01. This is how much your lay stake is.

Then you have the SNR Profit. Placing both the $50 bonus bet with Sportsbet at odds of 14, and the $45.01 lay stake at lay odds of 14.5, means you’ll profit $42.37 regardless of the outcome

The last bit of info shown under the horse is your SNR Profit as a percentage. You can see this is 84.74%. Which as indicated, means a green bar is shown as it’s over the 75% threshold.

Once you are happy with your selection, place the bonus bet with the bookmaker.


Step 3 – Lay the horse on Betfair


Once you’ve placed your bonus bet you then place your lay bet with Betfair. Make sure that you lay the correct amount, as shown in the Matcha. If you look at the SNR Stake (SNRSt), you’ll know exactly how much to lay.

Convert bonuses using the Matcha

We’ve made the process very simple. If you click on the SNR stake amount in the ribbon of your selected horse, the amount will be copied to your clipboard. This means that you can then paste the amount into the Betfair bet slip.


Matcha – Turning your Bonus Bet into cash

Check out the video below to see the Matcha in action being used to turn over a bonus bet in to cash.

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