How to use the Dutching Calculators

This guide will tell you what the Bonus Money Dutching calculator is capable of.


It will take you through everything you need to know to get set up for using the dutching calculator.


It will teach you what each area of the dutching calculator means and how to personalise your calculator to fit your needs.


If you master the art of using the dutching calculator you will become a more profitable matched bettor.

What does the dutching calculator do?


The dutching calculator from Bonus Money pulls in current odds from bookmakers and Betfair and displays which outcome to bet on so that you can effectively place many bets on the same game. Enabling you to qualify for many potential bonuses.

Getting set up


Before you begin using the calculators visit your settings page and select which bookmakers you currently have accounts and that you are able to receive promotions from. This setting affects what you see in both the offer calendar and the dutching calculators. You can select these manually on each individual calculator but this method is much quicker.

The image above shows someone who has deselected Palmerbet and Pointsbet in the settings. To select or deselect simply click on the logo. Click Save once you are done.

Accessing the dutching calculators


Like the offer calendar, the dutching calculators are only available to Bonus Money Pro members.


To access any of the dutching calculators first click through to the offer calendar and then click on any of the individual events. There are currently dutching calculators for all AFL, NRL, EPL, Big Bash, NBA and NFL games that have at least one match odds offer.

Using the dutching calculator in basic mode


Underneath the offers, you can see the dutching calculator itself. Within the dutching calculator, there is the following.


  • Options menu which allows you;
    • To switch between basic and advanced mode.
    • The ability to turn inline scrolling on and off.
    • To switch between showing only active bookies (ones that have promotions and that are selected in your bookie settings) and showing all bookies in the calculator.
  • The list of bookies, suggested stakes for the promos, the suggested stake to place at the bookie and the odds for each selections.
  • Betfair, the commission rate for the event, the suggested stake to place as a back bet at Betfair and the odds for each selections.
  • The Profit/Loss for each selection and that referred to as a percentage of the total amount placed in bets.
  • A button to recalculate optimal stake.
  • A button to download the bets from the calculator in to a spreadsheet.
  • A link to update your bookie settings

Bonus info on the calculator


If you rollover the $ next to the bookies logo you can find out the EV and the trigger for the promotion as well as any extra info relating to how much to stake on the offer if a calculation is required.


Suggested stakes


As the dutching calculators are used by matched bettors of all different experience and bankrolls we never have a suggested stake of over $100.


This suggested stake amount can be adjusted manually.


Reasons to change the suggested stake

  • You may not have enough funds in the bookmaker so may wish to reduce the suggested stake.
  • To gain a larger bonus. Often there are bonuses that the stake can be increased to gain a bigger bonus if the promotion triggers. The max bonus is in the bonus description at the top of the page.
  • To maximise the bonus. Some offers require a calculation to work out the stake required to maximise the bonus. This information is in the bonus description at the top of the page.


After you have adjusted your suggested stake click “Recalculate Optimal Stakes” to get the new suggested way of playing all the offers for the cheapest qualifying loss.


Understanding the different colours on the calculator


If the box the bookies odds are in is orange, it means that we haven’t been able to pull the odds for that bookmaker. The odds will display as 1.00 and the stake will be set to 0 for all outcomes.


In this scenario you will need to visit the bookmakers page and find the odds, enter them into the correct outcome on the calculator then click “Recalculate Optimal Stakes”.


If the box the bookies odds are in is green, it means that they are the best odds that are available on that outcome.


If the background colour of the stake and odds section is blue it is highlighting that there is a suggested back bet on this outcome at the stakes and odds


If the profit and loss background is red it means there is a qualifying loss. This isn’t a bad thing and in most cases you will incur a qualifying loss while attempting to qualify for more bonuses. Trust in the EV that is what you can expect to make on average from playing the promotions.


If the profit and loss background is green it means there is a qualifying profit. This will usually only happen if you have enhanced odds for outcomes and you have factored them in to the calculation.


Changing the odds manually

You can change the odds manually on the calculator.


Reasons to change the odds manually

  • The odds are in orange and haven’t been pulled from the bookmakers website so you would visit the bookies websites then enter the odds.
  • When visiting the bookmakers site the odds have changed in which case you may want to update them.
  • You have an enhanced odds promotion such as Ladbrokes paying 2.00 for Richmond Tigers to win. You would want to update that manually.
  • You are getting an enhanced odds if a team wins such as with Crownbets double winnings promotion.


After you have adjusted your odds click “Recalculate Optimal Stakes” to get the new suggested way of playing all the offers for the cheapest qualifying loss.


Selecting/deselecting a bookie


You can select which bookies appear in the calculator by changing your account settings. You can also deselect bookies from appearing in individual calculators by clicking on the bookie logo. To get the bookie to reappear you will need to go in to options and select “Show all bookies” instead of “show only active”. Then click the faded bookie logo to get it to reappear in the calculations.


Reasons to deselect a bookie

  • You may not have an account with the bookmaker or be gubbed therefore you can’t or it isn’t worth placing a bet with them. If this is the case it is better to change this in your account settings so that it is replicated across all dutching calculations
  • You don’t want to play this particular offer at the bookmaker due to either limited funds or a desire to prolong the life of your account.


After you have adjusted your selected bookies click “Recalculate Optimal Stakes” to get the new suggested way of playing all the offers for the cheapest qualifying loss

Download as playsheet


You can download the bets you have placed to put into your back/lay playsheet. This helps with record keeping and seeing your overall profit/loss where you have bonuses and the total EV taken

An acceptable qualifying loss


The promotions are generally giving us a very good margin over the bookmakers. You aren’t going to profit on every event but if you keep playing enough games and promotions then over time you will end up making very close to the expected value. Using the Bonus Money dutching calculator will ensure you are always getting the lowest qualifying cost possible which will generally be around 3-4%. Anything under 6% is acceptable.


Placing the bets


Here is a short step by step guide to placing the bets

  1. Open the dutching calculator
  2. Open all the bookmaker pages where you intend to place a bet
  3. Check the odds are correct and fill in any missing odds then click “Recalculate Optimal Stakes”
  4. Place all your back bets at the bookmaker and Betfair
  5. If desired download the bets that you’ve placed so you have a record that you can refer back to if necessary

Worked example


  1. Opened dutching calc (fig a)
  2. Opened Bet365,, Crownbet, Sportsbet, TAB, Ubet and Betfair and navigated to the NRL pages
  3. Filled in the missing odds from
  4. All other odds were correct
  5. Clicked recalculate stakes
  6. Ended with (fig b)
  7. Placed the following bets (insert downloaded table of bets here)


Potential outcomes


If no bonuses trigger then there would be a loss of $15.65

Bet365 - If Geelong lead by 24 points then lose then there would be an extra profit of $168 - If Geelong score 85 points or more but lose then there would be a $50 bonus bet

Crownbet - if Geelong win then there would be an extra $17.75 profit

Sportsbet - If Geelong lead by 20 points then lose then there would be an extra profit of $168

TAB - If Hawthorn score 80 points or more but lose then there would be a $50 bonus bet

UBet - If Hawthorn lose by 15 points or less then there would be an extra profit of $50

fig a

fig b


Using the Bonus Money dutching calculator in advanced mode

Advanced mode can be selected from the options menu. If you select advanced mode all future dutching calculators that you open will also be in advanced mode unless you change it back to the basic mode.


Additional features in advanced mode

  • Ability to 'Lock Outcome'. This is useful if you want to play one of the offers on a certain team (e.g an early payout offer on the outsider).
  • Select SNR odds. This is useful if you wish to add a bonus bet in with other dutched bets.
  • Ability to add row. Useful if you wish to add in another bookmakers odds in to the equation not currently on the site
  • There is also more detailed information regarding your outlay and returns


Extra outlay and return information

The advanced calculator shows the following extra information

  • Bookie Return if Win
  • Total Bookie Outlay
  • Total SNR Bookie Outlay - If you use the SNR feature
  • Total Return if Win
  • Total Betfair Outlay
  • Total Outlay Including Betfair


Lock outcome

You can lock an outcome to ensure that when the optimal stakes are recalculated that you are on that outcome and your selected bookie. If you wish to change it back simply select ‘no outcome’ and it will calculate the cheapest qualifying loss.


Reasons to lock outcome

  • You may generate greater EV by playing an offer in a certain manner. (e.g an early payout offer on the outsider often has greater EV). Optimal EV of offers are discussed in the community and in the individual guides for offers where available


After you have locked outcomes click “Recalculate Optimal Stakes” to get the new suggested way of playing all the offers with the outcomes you have locked and then for the cheapest qualifying loss with the remaining bets


SNR odds

There is also an option to select SNR next to a bookmaker. This is useful if you wish to add a bonus bet in with other dutched bets. It takes it to account the Stake Non Returned odds from the bookmaker when using a bonus. It also updates the profit and loss to account for the fact that when using a bonus there is no additional stake. So you should see the profit and loss background turn green. To maximise returns on bonus bets you still want to ensure you are selecting an outcome that is gaining you a


Reasons to use SNR odds

  • You may have selected to use a bonus bet from the oddsmatcher on a game that can be dutched. If you enter the odds you got and tick the SNR box you can easily factor in your bonus with all other bets on the dutch to gain an equal return
  • You may be using the dutching calculator and notice a bookie has favourable odds for a bonus bet and by ticking the box you can quickly factor in the SNR bonus


After you clicked use SNR odds click “Recalculate Optimal Stakes” to get the new suggested way of playing all the offers with SNR odds factored in for that bookie and for the cheapest qualifying loss with the remaining bets


Add row

You can add additional rows to the calculator and enter odds and stakes.


Reasons to add a row

  • A bookie may have just appeared on the market hich we don’t currently have odds for adding a row would allow you to enter the odds in manually
  • You may wish to use a bonus bet at a bookie and also to qualify for another promotion by placing a second bet. By adding another row you can factor both of these bets in. If doing this we would always suggest backing the same outcome with both your free bet and your qualifying bet. Always place a qualifying bet first as if you don’t you may not qualify for an additional bonus if it triggers as many terms state only the first bet on an event counts to qualify for the promotion and that bonus bets don’t count to qualify.


Betfair AU (Auto Update)

Having this ticked will mean that the suggested back amounts in Betfair will update automatically to create an equal profit.


Reasons to untick auto update Betfair

  • More seasoned matched bettors may not desire an equal return on all outcomes. Unticking auto update will allow you to do this



An important tip when using the calculators

The calculators load the cheapest way to combine all of the suggested stakes. There are some offers such as ‘lead at any time and if you draw get a bonus’ in soccer that only make sense to play on a team and not a draw.


If the calculator preloads on a draw it is important to select advanced mode and then lock in one of the teams to ensure your bet can gain you a potential bonus.

If you are wondering why it is better using a dutching calculator than following a matched betting diary or a daily play please read this guide