How to use the Dutching Calculators

Bonus Money compiles the odds for many bookmaker promotions and places them in a prefilled dutching calculator. The calculator shows you who you need to bet on and which bookmakers in order to get the cheapest possible qualifying cost. All of the odds are up to date which means you don’t have to check the price at each bookmaker first, thus saving you more time. Whilst the dutching calculator can look overawing at first, with this guide and some practice you’ll be running with it in no time. To access the calculators, click on the events shown in the offer calendar.

Below you can see an example of the dutching calculator. This is a 3-way dutch, as there are three outcomes to possibly bet on. A draw, Russia win or Saudia Arabia win.

How to use the Dutching Calculators

The first option you have is the dark blue box in the top left. You can tick to see all the bookmaker odds or select the cross to see those just offering promotions on the event.

Underneath you can select whether you would like ‘Inline Scrolling’ on/off. If on, it allows you to scroll through the bookies whilst keeping an eye on the sums at the bottom of the calculator, without having to scroll the web page down.

How to use the Dutching Calculators

To the right of these two blue boxes, you have your selections you can place your bookmaker bets on. In this case, it’s a three-way market. Match odds on a World Cup game.

Then From left to right in the calculator you have;

  • Bookie
  • Suggested Stake
  • Stake
  • Odds



This shows which bookmaker the stake and price are showing. The ‘$‘ symbol next to the bookie logo shows that there is a promotion on this event. If you hover your mouse cursor over the symbol, the promotion will show too.

Clicking on the bookmaker logo will activate/deactivate its use in the calculator. The bookies which have promotions for the event are automatically selected. Clicking them will deactivate them from the calculator. If you scroll down, you’ll see some bookies that are ‘greyed out’. Clicking on a logo that is greyed out will activate that bookie into the calculator. This can be useful if you have some turnover to do with a particular bookie, or that you see the price is better than Betfair (which is rare).

Suggested Stake

How much we recommend to stake with the bookmaker. This is usually the same amount as the maximum bonus you’ll obtain, should the promotion trigger. We only add suggested stakes if there is a promotion with the bookmaker.


The stake auto-populates into the calculator if there is a promotion on with the bookmaker. You can edit the stake to whatever you please. You can also change which side you’d like to bet on by deleting from one side and entering your stake with the other selection.


The odds for each selection are displayed. If they change or you’d like to edit them you can do so too. If you hover your mouse cursor over the odds, you’ll see when they were last updated. If the odds appear in a green box, this means that they are the best available odds on the market (not including Betfair).

The blue highlight inside of the calculator over the stake and odds for each bookie just lets you quickly identify which side you have bet on.

How to use the Dutching Calculators

Underneath all the Bookie stakes and odds, you’ll see the following;

Bookie Return if Win

These are the amounts you’ll return into the bookmakers should that specific selection win.

Total Bookie Outlay

This is the total amount you have staked with the bookmakers across all selections.

How to use the Dutching Calculators

This row works similar to the ones above in the calculator. It shows you how much you need to BACK on Betfair at the current odds in order to achieve an equal Profit/Loss regardless of the result.

Like the bookmakers, you can deactivate/activate Betfair by clicking on the logo. Changing the amount staked and the Back odds is the same too.

You can edit the commission to whatever it is you are paying into Betfair. The Commission rate will pull in the default amount for each event. Eg NRL/AFL will be 2.5% whereas most other sports are 5%.

Total Return if Win

This is how much will be returned with the Bookmakers and Betfair should that selection win the event.

Total Betfair Outlay

How much you are staking with Betfair. Will be the same amount in the Betfair stake field.

Total Outlay Including Betfair

This is the sum of the Total Bookie Outlay and the Total Betfair Outlay


The total amount you’ll win or loss should that specific outcome occur. This is presented in $ amount and as a percentage. The percentage is that of the Total Outlay. Remeber that in most cases using the dutching calculator we are looking to obtain bonuses. Once you get your bonus bets and then turn them over on other events, this is when you’ll see your profit records looking healthy.

Download as Playsheet

You can download the bets you have placed to put into your back/lay playsheet. This helps with record keeping and seeing your overall profit/loss where you have bonuses and the total EV taken. To see more on the back/lay playsheet, click here.

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