How to use the Matched Betting Calculators

Matched Betting Calculators makes it significantly easier to place your matched bets. We have a range of calculators to suit your needs.

Back/Lay Calculator


First of all, you’ll need to select what Bet Type you are placing;

– Normal Bet / Qualifier / Turnover
– Bonus Bet SNR (Stake Not Returned)
– Bonus Bet SR (Stake Returned)

Then you enter you Bet Stake. This is the back stake that you are using.

Next, you’ll enter the Back Odds.

Followed by the Lay Odds and then the Lay Commission.

Dutching Calculators


Dutching is the technique of backing more than one selection to achieve the same profit/loss regardless of which selection wins. You may spread your bets across several bookmakers or betting exchanges to get an equal profit. Dutching becomes useful if you have turnover or offers in more than one bookmaker and if it works out cheaper to dutch between the books than back/laying. This is commonly found in events that have a discrete number of outcomes. It’s far easier to get a more profitable dutch in an event with 2 outcomes such as an AFL or NRL game win market. Than a Horse race with 7 potential winners. This is simply because bookies offer odds with a built-in margin and typically the more outcomes the larger the margin in the market.

Bonus Money compiles the odds for many bookmaker promotions and places them in a prefilled dutching calculator. The calculator shows you who you need to bet on and which bookmakers in order to get the cheapest possible qualifying cost. All of the odds are up to date which means you don’t have to check the price at each bookmaker first, thus saving you more time. Whilst the dutching calculator can look overawing at first, with this guide and some practice you’ll be running with it in no time. To access the calculators, click on the events shown in the offer calendar.

A video guide will be added to this page shortly. Our walkthrough for the Dutching Calculators can be found here

How to use the Matched Betting Calculators