How to use the offer calendar

The Bonus Money offer calendar is simple to use, just click through and scroll to see promotions bookmakers currently offer.

We visit the bookmakers site at least once per day and only post promotions with positive expected value. We aim to have all valuable promotions posted at least 24 hours before the events begin.

Calendar Features

It’s possible to filter the results in the calendar by sport. You can do this by clicking the heading for the sport in the menu. This can be useful if you want to see just the times for horse racing promotions, or if you wish to place all bets for the upcoming week on one sport in one go.

You can filter the events by sport.

There’s a downloadable playsheet available. To find out more about this feature, see here.

We offer dutching calculators with pre-filled odds from the bookmakers on select head to head sports. If you click on an event, you’ll be taken through to a calculator. For Horse Racing offers, use the Matcha Chrome extension.

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