Step by Step guide for the Matcha

Matcha is a Chrome extension made by Bonus Money that makes it much easier to find suitable bets to qualify for Horse racing promotions.

Matcha can also be used to help you complete turnover requirements and convert bonus bets to cash at a quicker rate and more profitably .

How to install the matcha

Visit the chrome store and install the extension

Get Matcha Here

Key Features

Matcha displaying information on Sportsbet racing page

When you open a bookmakers horse racing page through Matcha an extra display line will appear underneath the horse information.

Step by Step guide for the Matcha

Copying the stake required for betfair

Matcha displays the amount you need to stake on Betfair to get an equal return regardless of whether the horse wins or loses.

If you click the coloured information of the horse that you are betting on then the correct lay stake will be copied in to your computers clipboard. So when you go to Lay the horse at Betfair you simply need to press ctrl+v (command +v when on a Mac) when entering your lay stake.

Traffic Light Display

Matcha displays the following information on the bookmaker page dependent on whether it is set to look for qualifying bets or bonus bet retention

  • Betfair Odds
  • Stake required in Betfair to achieve an equal match
  • Qualifying loss / Bonus bet return
  • Qualifying loss % / Bonus Bet Retention %

To enable you to quickly identify the best matches the following traffic light system is used

Step by Step guide for the Matcha


To change the settings click on Matcha and then click on the cog.

Step by Step guide for the Matcha


You can set the following to calculate the correct information displayed on the bookmakers page

  • Commission discount (your current Betfair discount) rate
  • Stake (the amount you need to bet)
  • Looking for (either a qualifier or bonus bet)
  • Auto match (whether the extension automatically displays if the corresponding Betfair page is open)
  • Qualifier and bonus bet retention colour bounds (set the traffic light system display)


Load Tab Set

In the load tab set you can choose to display all events currently in the Matcha or to only show events and bookmakers that have promotions on in that event.



Matcha works with the following bookies

Crownbet, Sportsbet,Bet365, Topbetta, TabTouch, Neds, Pointsbet,, Bluebet, TAB, Ubet, Unibet, William Hill