Matcha for Matched Betting

The Matcha is an original, market leading Chrome extension made by Bonus Money that makes it much easier to find suitable bets to profit from horse racing promotions by allowing you to quickly and easily compare odds between a bookmaker and Betfair.

Bookmakers use promotions as a way to create loyalty from customers and to entice people to continue to deposit and bet with them.

Utilising all the horse racing promotions on offer each week can enable you to make in excess of $1000 profit per month matched betting.

Matcha for Matched Betting

Matcha for Matched Betting

Matcha for Matched Betting

This 3 part guide will take you through how to install the matcha, understand the displayed information, settings and features. Teach you how to use the matcha to gain bonus bets, and teach you how to convert bonus bets for more profit.

Matcha Guides – Take Advantage of Bookie Offers


Installing the Matcha and understanding the settings

Read below to understand how to install the Matcha for the Chrome Browser.

The Guide will also explain all the features and information displayed by the Matcha and will take you through all the settings you can change.


Using the Matcha to gain bonus bets

Our second guide walks you through an example of how to gain bonus bets and cash back by matched betting horse racing promotions.

Get Bonuses


Using the Matcha to turnover bonuses in to Profit

Our third guide walks you through an example of how to gain a high guaranteed return from any bonus bets you’ve acquired either from horse or other promotions.

Spend Bonuses

How to install the matcha

Matcha for Matched Betting

Anybody can install the Matcha, it is free to use, so visit the chrome store and install the extension

Matcha works with the following bookies

Bbet, Bet365 Bet Deluxe, Bet Easy, Bluebet , Ladbrokes, Neds, Play Up, Pointsbet, Rob Waterhouse, Sports bet,  Sportsbetting, TAB, TabTouch and Unibet

Get Matcha Here

Interpreting the information displayed

Matcha displaying information on Sports bet racing page

When you open a bookmakers horse racing page through Matcha an extra display line will appear underneath the horse information.

Matcha for Matched Betting

Copying the stake required for Betfair

Matcha displays the amount you need to stake on Betfair to get an equal return regardless of whether the horse wins or loses.

If you click the coloured information of the horse that you are betting on then the correct lay stake will be copied in to your computer’s clipboard. So when you go to Lay the horse at Betfair you simply need to press ctrl+v (command +v when on a Mac) when entering your lay stake.

Load Bookmaker Tabs

In Matcha you can choose to display all events currently in the Matcha or to only show events and bookmakers that have promotions on in that event.


Matcha comes preloaded with 3 preconfigured profiles. Depending on which profile you choose the information on the bookmaker page displayed will be different.

Qualifier With EV

This is the default setting for a bookmaker when the race has a promotion available and we are able to calculate the Expected Value (currently for races with 2nd/3rd promotions).

Use this setting to understand the average amount you win or lose by placing a bet with a promotion


This is the default setting for a bookmaker when the race has a promotion but we are unable to calculate the Expected Value. This setting can be used to find close matches by percentage difference in odds to Betfair.

This is useful if we are unable to display the EV to find a close match to qualify for a bonus. It is also useful to find matches to complete any turnover requirements you have at a bookie.


This is the default setting for a bookmaker when the race has no promotion linked with it.

You can use this setting to highlight and calculate a good return from any bonus bets that you have.


Change the settings

To change the settings click on Matcha and then click on the cog.

Matcha for Matched Betting


You can amend the following settings:

  • Commission discount – your current Betfair discount rate will be factored in to the calculations
  • Default Stake – the amount you need to bet.
  • Auto match – whether the extension automatically displays if the corresponding Betfair page is open.
  • Set the traffic light system display boundaries. This allows you to set the trigger points for the colour change in the Matcha display.
  • Edit your profiles – Here you can either amend or create an entire new row of information to be displayed on the bookmakers page. This is only recommended for advanced users.

Traffic Light System

To enable you to quickly identify the best matches the following traffic light system is preconfigured for you. You are able to set the boundaries how you desire in the settings.

Qualifier With EV

EV under $1

EV $1 to $7

EV $7 and over


Qualifying loss over 20%

Qualifying loss 10% to 20%

Qualifying loss under 10%


Bonus retention under 65%

Bonus retention 65% to 75%

Bonus retention over 75%

Open a bookmaker with Matcha

Choosing a race

Matcha covers all Australian thoroughbred racing and some UK racing. You can choose to show all events or just events with bonuses. The dates and start time of races are shown. The number of runners. Betfair base commission percentage and the amount of commission you pay dependent on what you have set in the settings as your Betfair commission discount.

Matcha for Matched Betting

Simply click on a race and it will open up more information regarding the race.

Choosing which bookies to open

Matcha will show you which bookies are compatible with Matcha for that race. You can choose to select all the bookies or individually select the ones you need. The stake amount can be changed for each bookie. You can also change to look either for SNR (turning over bonuses). Qualifier/Turnover bets. Or, when available Qualifier with EV.

When you click the button ‘Open Selected Bookmakers’ both Betfair and any bookmakers you have chosen will open on that horse rae. The Matcha information will appear when the Betfair and Bookmaker pages have fully loaded.

Matcha for Matched Betting

Matcha – Video Guide


Guide 2 – Learn to Gain Bonuses with the Matcha