Using the Odds Matcher

The Odds Matcher allows you to quickly and easily find suitable bets to place to get a high return from any bonus bets you have. You can also use the Odds Matcher to find suitable bets to complete any turnover requirements you have. It The Odds Matcher has odds from all of the major Australian Bookmakers and covers various sports. If you would like any sports odds covered please drop a message in the community.

What does it do?

It saves you time and effort searching the bookmakers for decent bets to place. It shows you a list of matched betting opportunities to convert your bonus bets, or to turnover any funds in bookmakers. They are listed in order of how close the back and lay odds are to one another. So the best matches appear higher up the list. Ideally, when looking to cash in your bonus bets, you want to look to retain 70%+ value of the bonus. When turning over funds, less than 5%

You can see below an image of the Odds Matcher. There are 10 columns. Clicking on the title of the columns will order them in that specific preference for you.
Using the Odds Matcher

Bonus Money Pro users can use the offer calendar and Odds Matcher to gain and convert bonuses.

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Using the Filters

If you click how/Hide Filters you can make some adjustments to whats displayed in the Odds Matcher. You can select which bookies you want to find matchers for as well as;

  • Minimum Odds
  • Maximum Odds
  • Minimum SNR
  • Minimum Turnover %
  • Within the next
  • Minimum Liquidity
Using the Odds Matcher

Minimum Odds

The minimum back odds that you want to see with your selected bookmakers. Useful if the bookies of choice has a minimum odds requirement for turnover.

Maximum Odds

The maximum back odds that you want to see with your selected bookmakers.

Minimum SNR

This the minimum % that you would look to make from turning over your stake not returned bonus bets. For example, if you entered 70 into the filter, no matches below 70% would appear in the Odds Matcher.

Minimum Turnover %

This the minimum % that you would look to lose from turning any funds in bookmakers. You would also use this feature if you are looking to qualify for a promotion. So if you enter ‘-5’, only matches which cost you 5% or less of you back stake will appear in the Odds Matcher.

Within the next

The time frame in which the events are played. You can select within the next; Hour, Day, 3 Days, Week or Anytime.

Minimum Liquidity

The amount of money available on a Betfair market. Useful to use this if you know you require a specific amount to match your back bet stake.

What’s listed

You now need to pick an event and play your back and lay bets. As mentioned above, you can sort the results by clicking on any of the column titles which are;

  • Date
  • Sport
  • Event
  • Bookie
  • Bet
  • Odds
  • Lay
  • Liquidity
  • SNR %
  • Turnover %

You can also use the search bar to find a specific event.

Placing your bets

This is the step where we are making our profits. Once you have chosen which selection you are placing your bets with you’ll use the matched betting calculator.

Upgrade to Bonus Money Pro for just $49