Spring Carnival Matched Betting Bonuses

The Spring Carnival is the highlight of the racing year in Australia. The corporate bookmakers use this time and a big promotions budget to win over new punters and increase loyalty by dishing out heaps of offers.

The increased amount of bonuses mean the Spring Carnival is very lucrative for matched bettors.

This guide will make it easy for you to profit over the Spring Carnival and includes:

  • A calendar with every profitable offer
  • Guides on how to profit from the offers
  • Free software to help you make money
  • Increased sign up bonuses information
  • Support to help get you started
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Spring Carnival Matched Betting Bonuses

Spring Carnival 2019 Offer Calendar

Rather than having to trawl through each bookmakers site you can use the calendar below to see all the offers available for the Spring Carnival. This Calendar is updated daily so check back to see any new offers. These offers are all easily accessible in out horse racing software ‘Matcha’ with a Bonus Money Pro account

A very healthy profit every month

A very healthy profit every month

As long as you put in the effort to learn how it works, you really can’t go wrong here. I’ve been at this for over a year and I make a very healthy profit every month. Sam & Adam have been a massive part of that, with their guidance I’m sure I’ll continue to rake it in.


Bonus Money has honestly changed my life.

Bonus Money has honestly changed my life.

Bonus Money has honestly changed my life. It’s allowed me to work less hours and yet make more money, and you know its easy if I managed to learn it!


Spring Carnival 2019 Matched Betting Guides

Below you will find the low-risk method that allows you to gain an advantage over the bookies with the horse racing promotions they offer. If you need more help to understand how to take advantage of these offers please ask in our community or by jumping on live chat.

We've also included a table showing you the Expected Value of each of the offers. While some offers you can guarantee risk-free profits others require a certain event to happen for the promotion to trigger. Expected Value is the average amount you would expect to make if you played these offers many times over and over again. For a full rundown of expected value please read our Expected Value guide here.

For a simple introduction to profit from all sports offers join Bonus Money Pro and have suggested bets for promotions shown to you in an easy diary format. Then learn how to set up the bets yourself and make even more profit.

Horse Racing Promotions


Step 1 - Find a race that offers a horse racing promotion

Step 2 - Find a horse whose odds closely matches the 'lay odds' at Betfair using Matcha

Step 3 - Back your horse at the bookmaker

Step 4 - Lay your horse on Betfair

Step 5 - BOOM - If the horse you backed and layed triggers the promotion

Method in more detail

Expected Value Table

The table below shows the expected value of the various horse racing promotions based on a $50 stake. We have ranked them in the order that we would recommend you approach them. Therefore if you are new to this method then we would suggest doing the offers at the top of the table first.

Bet365$50 - 2nd/3rd Cash Bonus$8
Ubet$50 - 2nd/3rd Cash Bonus$8
Bluebet$50 - 2nd/3rd Cash Bonus$8
BetEasy$50 - 2nd/3rd Bonus Bet$7
Sportsbet$50 - 2nd/3rd Bonus Bet$7
TAB$50 - 2nd/3rd Bonus Bet$7
Unibet$50 - 2nd/3rd Bonus Bet$7
TabTouch$50 - Get a Win Boost applied to your selection and $50 cash back should it run 2nd$9
Pointsbet$50 - 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Bonus Bet$14
Neds$50 - Get Fat Odds on any runner$4

Expected Value Guide

Bet Boosts

The table below shows the currently available bet boosts

BookieDay(s)Boosts / day

Bet Boosts Guide

Enhanced Sign Up Bonuses

During the Spring Carnival we usually see an increase in the size of the sign-up bonus being offered by the bookies. They do this to lure the big punters to bet with them throughout the carnival. In the past we’ve seen sign up bonuses go as large as $2000 but it’s yet to be seen if this will be repeated this year.

We’ll be listing any increased sign up bonus opportunities below. If you are unsure of how to make risk free profits from sign up bonuses check out the Bonus Money complete guide to Matched Betting


Spring Carnival Matched Betting Bonuses

Matcha is a Chrome extension made by Bonus Money that makes it much easier to find suitable bets to gain bonuses or cash back from horse racing promotions. Use it to quickly and more profitably complete turnover requirements and convert bonus bets to cash.

Matcha works with one bookmaker for free for any user. Bonus Money Pro members can use Matcha with 12 major Australian Bookmakers and Betfair

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